Young Enterpriser Initiative

Activating children, young adults and organisations to thrive in a world of change

We are Young Enterpriser Initiative (YEI) a high impact social enterprise that is pioneering the activation of “Relational Equity” within children, young adults and organisations with the aim of providing a foundation towards achieving sustainable, equitable and enterprising communities.

Relational Equity is a vital life skill. It is an awareness and understanding of ourselves, others, the world around us, and how everything is interrelated and interconnected. It represents the value of trust, loyalty, and commitment that individuals have towards themselves, each other and nature.

Relational Equity provides a solid and sustainable foundation that improves communication, increases cooperation, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Therefore, it is important to invest time and energy in building and maintaining strong Relational Equity in personal and professional development.

Activating an attitude of self-worth, self-value, boldness and initiative towards self-agency and self-sustainability within individuals of any institution and organisations.


YEI unlocks "Power Skills"

YEI sets out a series of 24 challenges that stimulate a participant to explore their relationship with themselves, others and their environment.


25 years of studying relational dynamics across communities, families and business highlighted the dilemma that although we are born relational we are not acting relationally. This causes conflict, sabotaging behaviour and limiting of potential.

“…If we can flip our education to get a better sense of human capacity, then I think we will have a better chance of making sense of the world within us and the world around us. “The great bridge between the two worlds is education – and I think we have to re-build it so that we can build a bridge to the future.”

The late Sir Ken Robinson – world leading education reformer